The yachting school

Boomari was created to introduce an innovative approach to the  teaching of yachting. The very particular human experience offered is intended to bring different people together. Thanks to its founder’s wide experience of navigating , social and charity work , Boomari aims to make yachting, the discovery and mastery of a nautical environment, accessible to everyone : from  the enthusiastic, professionnal seafarer, to the disabled or those interested in the social engagement involved .


From discovery to autonomy, we have the course adapted to your level and expectations. We propose 5 to 7 days cruises.

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Simply discover the maritime environment and rich heritage of the Morbihan region.

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Ne manquez pas l’opportunité de passer une journée à bord de Surcouf pour découvrir pleinement le domaine maritime du Morbihan

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Duration : 5 or 7 days courses including both theoretical and practical training

Improve your skills :

  • Navigation
  • Learning to  rig the sails and steering
  • Safety : basic safety rules, visits to French MRCC and Lifeguards
  • Manoeuvering inside a harbour
  • Tides
  • Weather forecast
  • VHF use
      ◦ BPJEPS
      ◦ Capitaine 200 voile
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